Rememory Consulting is an archives and information management firm founded in 2017 by two Black, queer, womxn, who share a collective passion of uncovering, documenting, and preserving histories at the margin. Based in Massachusetts, Rememory Consulting has established itself as a unique combination of professionalism, synergy, and creativity.

Individually and collectively, Rememory Consulting has contributed and improved archival and library repositories in sectors ranging from academic, public, private, and government institutions. With an emphasis on legacy making and memory work, Rememory Consulting is an amalgamation of enthusiasm and inventive approaches to archives and records management. 

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to provide unique and evidence-based strategies to assist in all archival and information management needs. Taking inspiration from Toni Morrison’s Beloved, we utilize the term rememory to align our intentions to uncover, recollect, and embrace stories and knowledges of our past. Just as Morrison was intentional in creating new language to describe the experience of remembering, we are intentional in our understanding that all projects require community building, imagining, and a commitment to reckoning. 

We would be honored to collaborate and develop your next project.